Mosaica Leadership Institute 2010

We are excited to announce the next Mosaica Leadership Institute Talent Development Academy will be launched in March 2010.  The Mosaica Leadership Institute Talent Development Academy is designed to develop and identify future leaders for Mosaica schools. The internal training program provides educational leaders the tools they need to wield a dramatic impact on excellence in public education.
Mosaica Leadership Institute participants attend interactive workshops that provide them with key information, strategies and resources to hone their skills as true instructional leaders.  They will also gain the tools needed to lead and support their teachers successfully in creating an effective classroom, implementing the curriculum and, in turn, helping all students meet state standards.
The series of two day sessions will be scheduled from March through June, 2010.
Sessions include:
• Mosaica Education’s leading role in the industry in education reform with program innovation
o Paragon Curriculum – SmartBoard and Online Learning
o Four tiers of Teacher Training.
• Increasing student achievement through data-driven instruction
• Finance & accounting
• Hiring, training and mentoring of employees
• Understanding our customer
• Charter school law and development
• Creating systems to foster and support community building

Individuals selected to participate in the program are expected to make a significant commitment of time and energy to the Mosaica training workshops. We are currently accepting applications for the 2010 program.

Qualifications:  Masters Degree in education or related field, as well as a minimum of three years experience as a CAO/principal or related position of school leadership.  Applicants will be asked to provide data that illustrates gains made in achieving AYP.

Interested and qualified candidates should apply online at