School Turnaround Services

School Turnaround Services

If your school or district consistently underperforms, you can take steps to make positive, sustainable change for the better. Mosaica is here to provide hands-on, fully integrated school turnaround services, including a strategic plan tailored to each school’s particular needs whether at the elementary, middle or high school level.

We have the experience and expertise to partner with you in strengthening your school. We can expand educators’ capacity to meet the needs of all students, accelerating academic growth and closing achievement gaps. Your school’s faculty and staff will gain skills and experience to become turnaround experts themselves. Each gain will accelerate growth, and a once underperforming school will become a place where children flourish.

With our wealth of experience, we are ready to identify a school’s academic weaknesses and then develop a detailed plan of action to address each area of need. Concentrations include:

  • Core curriculum design, mapping and delivery with the objective of closing achievement gaps
  • Effective learning strategies
  • eLearning
  • Alignment to state and Common Core State Standards
  • Varied instructional approaches
  • Integrating technology for instruction and assessment
  • Personalized Student Achievement Plans (PSAPs)
  • Assessments for instruction
  • After-school programming and tutoring
  • Programs for English Language Learners
  • Special education
  • Mosaica also provides professional development programs, which include:
  • Leadership training and development
  • Targeted professional development for principals
  • Customized teacher professional development, including capacity building
  • International recruiting of turnaround experts
  • For schools with operational deficiencies, we address:
  • School planning
  • Facilities
  • Financial management
  • Data analysis and support
  • Compliance


We also manage certain critical aspects of a school turnaround to spread the good news about the changes at your underperforming schools. Such measures garner public support, allay frustration and boost community satisfaction.

  • Marketing and communications
  • Public relations programs
  • Community outreach and partnerships


Mosaica’s consistent and collaborative approach to school turnaround creates measurable improvements in both academic achievement and school operations. Your school can be a place where all children enjoy success in such a way to shape their lives for a stronger future.


To see for yourself how Mosaica’s turnaround services have made a difference in underachieving schools, read over our inspiring success stories below: