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Foundation Academy Expands to Meet Demand

Atlanta, GA. (Mosaica Education, Inc.) March 8, 2011 – Foundation Academy is now the largest, fastest growing charter school in Richland County.  Foundation Academy opened in 2007 to 144 students and now serves more than 300 Kindergarten through 8th grade students. With enrollment swelling, the academy is adding seven additional classrooms to serve 75 additional […]

Jackson Arts and Technology Academy Makes Gain in Enrollment

Wednesday was the first of two student count days this school year, and those districts and schools saw drops in enrollment of between five and 129 students this fall compared to last fall.

Only the Western School District, Leslie Public Schools and Jackson Arts and Technology Academy — a charter school in the city — reported gains.

Jackson Arts and Technology Academy gained the most students with an increase of 55 students from 108 last fall to a count of 163 Wednesday.

Bay County Public School Academy Makes Gains in Enrollment

Principals and superintendents around Bay County wanted to make sure the highest number of students were in class Wednesday for the state’s count day, which falls at the end of September each year. In Bay County, Bay County Public School Academy, a charter school, was the only district to gain, with 58 more students compared to last year’s fall count.