About Mosaica

“Our mission is to empower students to learn and achieve–every child, every day.”


Mosaica Education is a global education leader that manages K-12 schools and provides educational services around the world. Mosaica holds offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India and the United Arab Emirates, and employs over 1,800 educators and business professionals (primarily at the school site level) dedicated to our mission “to empower students to learn and achieve—every child, every day.”

Mosaica currently manages over 100 preschool, elementary, middle and high school programs across the United States, United Kingdom, India and Mexico, and serves approximately 25,000 students (February 2014).  Our core work includes:

  • Whole school management services
  • Whole school operations
  • Consulting and training services for underperforming schools
  • Online courses and virtual schools
  • Comprehensive curriculum design, support, development and licensing


Mosaica is the only US-based education organization serving preschool through high school students in public, private, charter and online education settings in the United States and globally that has also developed an award-winning curriculum (Paragon™).


Mosaica Education At-A-Glance

  • Founded in 1997
  • Accredited by AdvancED™
  • Proven School Model (8 Pillars)
  • Established, award-winning Management Team
  • Recognized as an “Education Innovator” by the US Department of Education (2003)
  • 4-time honoree of the Inner City 100 for revitalizing urban communities (2004-2007)
  • Consistently high parent satisfaction ratings (On average, 8.62 out of 10 in 2012-2013)
  • Serving students from a variety of demographic backgrounds (urban charter schools to suburban private schools), 75% of whom are economically disadvantaged and 75% minority
  • Consistent rates of educational improvement based on Scantron Performance Series Gain Analysis. On average students had 1.33 years of growth in Math and 1.24 years of growth in Reading (2012-2013). On average, prior to joining a Mosaica school, students showed less than six months’ growth for every year they attended school



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