Mosaica Online K-12 Schools

Online Programs

Mosaica Online features a global, college prep, classical education that provides K-12 students with a strong foundation in language arts, math, science, and social studies. With options for families in the U.S. as well as school and district partners around the world, our online education solution is rigorous, flexible, customizable, and effective, blending online and hands-on learning in a way that meets the needs of 21st-century learners.


Mosaica Online is available in three platform options:

  • School Partnerships: We provide the online courses and back-end administration for partner schools
  • Mosaica Online Charter Schools: Tuition-free online schools offered in select states in the US
  • Mosaica Online Preparatory Academy: A tuition-based online private school available to K-12 students worldwide


Why choose Mosaica Online? Mosaica Online is different. We believe children deserve a high quality, personalized learning experience. We have integrated the best innovative and customizable curriculum for each subject area into our online program, and all K-12 curricula meet state and common core standards. Moreover, we work with families to customize learning in cases where families are choosing online education as a homeschool option.


Mosaica Online’s benefits are extensive:

  • K-12 solution that blends online and hands-on learning
  • Customizable for schools and districts worldwide
  • Rigorous college prep curriculum that offers CP, Honors, AP and credit recovery courses
  • Flexible, multiple pacing options for full-time students, as well as à la carte courses
  • Licensed, qualified teachers and low student to teacher ratio
  • Award-winning Mosaica Education Model
  • Strong support for success
  • Ideal for institutions serving today’s global learner