Leadership Training

Mosaica Education is dedicated to hiring and promoting exceptional leaders, in accordance with this lofty goal we created the Mosaica Leadership Institute (“MLI”) to give our aspiring trailblazers access to advancements in educational strategies and theory to shape them into the leaders of tomorrow.  The Mosaica Leadership Institute fosters confidence, internal growth, and upward mobility where our employees can truly be in the driver’s seat of their own career paths.

We invite all candidates who meet the MLI minimum requirements below to apply and join the movement!

What is the Mosaica Leadership Institute?

The Mosaica Leadership Institute is an interactive professional development training for aspiring educational leaders and Edupreneurs.  MLI participants are selected from all over the country to join their peers in monthly sessions that empower them to develop, share, and expand their knowledge of the Mosaica educational model.  During these mini-retreats, participants engage in critical thinking activities that encourage them to strive for excellence.

What are the benefits of attending?

•    Mentoring and professional development
•    Opportunities for promotion and upward mobility
•    Understanding best practices
•    Peer coaching & networking
•    National travel & team building outings

When is the training sessions held?

Monthly sessions are held during three consecutive days (Thursday to Saturday) over the course of a year in a variety of Mosaica locations nationwide.

What is covered in the sessions?

•    Paragon and curriculum integration
•    Student achievement & data driven instruction
•    Talent recruitment, training, and development
•    Building parental/community support
•    Fiscal responsibility
•    Improvement plans & compliance
•    And more!

What are the minimum criteria to apply?

•    Completed application
•    Possess a Bachelors Degree and teacher/administrator certification
•    Minimum 3 years of teaching experience plus 1 full year of successful job performance as a Mosaica teacher or administrator
•    Overall performance rating of “meets standards” or higher
•    Steady progression on IPDP goals set with supervisor
•    Geographically Flexible

How do I apply?

Contact your CAO for an application package.  Applications are due annually by September 30th.

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