History and Milestones

The Mosaica Education story begins in 1997 amidst a growing dissatisfaction among taxpayers and employers with the quality of American public education. Motivated by a desire to ensure a diversity of students could compete at a global level while benefitting from a quality and immersive learning experience, co-founders Dr. Dawn Eidelman and Gene Eidelman opened Mosaica Education’s first charter school in September of that year. Dr. Eidelman’s creation and development of the innovative Paragon™ curriculum, an integrated humanities and social studies program cultivating a global, multicultural perspective, soon became widely recognized as the dynamic centerpiece of the Mosaica Model.

Four years later, in August of 2001, Mosaica acquired Advantage Schools Inc., increasing its total number of schools to sixteen. This rapid growth continued as the organization successfully managed the development of independent charter schools across the country, working with local governmental entities, community groups and non-profit organizations to integrate its proven educational program within a diversity of localized needs.

In 2004—one year after receiving numerous honors from the US Department of Education, Harvard University and Inc. Magazine for educational innovation, leadership and urban revitalization, Mosaica Education was selected by the national government of Qatar to provide school management services to its government-owned schools, beating out all other US-based education organizations. The organization’s recognition, honors and institutions, both domestic and international, continued to grow and today Mosaica Education manages over 90 preschool, elementary, junior high and high school programs across the United States, United Kingdom, India and Mexico, serving more than 18,000 students.


  • 1997 – Mosaica Education is co-founded by Dr. Dawn and Gene Eidelman and opens its first charter school in Michigan
  • 1998 – Mosaica Education opens its second charter school in Pennsylvania
  • 2001 – Mosaica Education acquires Advantage Schools and doubles school operations to 16 schools
  • 2004 – The government of Qatar appoints Mosaica Education to provide school management services to government-owned schools.  Over the next five years, Mosaica trains 700 math and science teachers and converts 16 schools from public to independent status
  • 2006 – In a six year contract, the government of the United Arab Emirates appoints Mosaica Education to oversee professional development and school operations at fourteen PreK-12, government-owned schools as part of the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s Public Private Partnership education reform effort
  • 2009 – Mosaica Online is established to provide virtual schooling and à la carte online courses to students around the world
  • 2010 – Mosaica Turnaround Partners is established to specifically support underperforming schools in the United States and around the world; the first contract is in Michigan
  • 2012 – Mosaica International Schools is established when private school operations begin at the Mosaica International School of Hyderabad in India
  • 2012 – Mosaica Education UK is established and the Aurora Academies Trust is formed in response to selection by the Department for Education (DfE) to operate four primary schools in East Sussex, England under the government’s Academies Programme
  • 2012 – Paragon™ is licensed to Manav Rachna International Schools, a group of private schools in India—the first schools outside of the Mosaica Education School Network to implement Paragon™
  • 2012 – Mosaica Online begins offering online courses to partner schools in Mexico including the prestigious American Foundation School in Mexico City