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Starting a School

A school start-up – whether it’s a charter, private or corporate-sponsored school – can be a daunting venture. At Mosaica Education, we understand the process inside and out. We are here to offer our extensive experience to parents, community members, educators and sponsors to ensure complete success. From your initial vision for a thriving and engaging academic community through the exciting first day of school and the ensuing years of continued growth and development, Mosaica will be there as your partner, helping you realize your vision of a school that makes a difference.



Successful schools need sound, safe and inviting facilities to support education at every level. Mosaica offers numerous services from the ground up:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Site selection and attainment
  • Land-use approvals
  • Facility identification and renovation
  • Construction management



Financial considerations are, of course, paramount to making your vision a reality. Mosaica has the essential expertise to navigate the complexities involved in solid financial management.

  • Capital project planning and management
  • Bond financing
  • Grant writing
  • Ongoing financial support once the school is up and running



People are the heart of a school – parents, community supporters and educators bring life, energy and passion to your original concept of a school that inspires a love for learning in children’s lives. Mosaica will help identify and recruit those individuals who possess the experience and creative vitality necessary to build and grow a thriving school.

  • School board director recruitment
  • School staffing plans
  • Talent acquisition and retention for administrators, faculty and staff
  • Community outreach to empower parents and other involved people
  • Payroll, benefits, etc for staff


Mosaica Education’s team of professionals will be there every step of the way to support, encourage, lead and manage all the details of starting a school. We share a common goal: to create and develop unique schools that provide a world-class education for children who will grow to be people of strong character, leaders of integrity and lifelong learners.