Mosaica Leadership Institute Testimonials


What do past attendees have to say about Mosaica Leadership Institute (MLI)?


“Mosaica Leadership Institute was a chance to meet colleagues that are in the field and have positive discussions with them.  It was a chance to grow as a school leader and focus on what I could do to better improve my role as a Behavior Intervention Specialist.  I gained many new ideas that I could immediately implement in our school making an impact.”


“Having 32 years of experience in working in a variety of school districts, I found the Mosaica Leadership Institute experience to be one of the most outstanding professional development opportunities of my career.  The opportunity provides relevant, research based information that can be implemented immediately to improve achievement and build a positive culture.   I really am a believer in MLI!”


“Mosaica Leadership Institute more than prepared me for the Behaviorial Intervention Specialist (BIS) role at Phoenix Advantage Charter School.  I learned interactive strategies that I was able to utilize immediately upon returning to my school site.  As the 2010-11 cohorts, we met on a monthly basis for support, additional training and guidance, and an opportunity to hear from our peers the best practices they were employing at their school sites.    Thank you MLI for your support!”  


“MLI was a great experience for me for many different reasons. The Leaders within Mosaica Education offered an abundance of knowledge and skills in the areas of school operations, finance, hiring, collaboration, and academic success. I was able to implement the things I learned during my MLI sessions immediately upon returning to my school. Through the process, I was also able to meet dynamic and engaging educators who I can call upon for insight and support.”


“The skills acquired and refined via MLI have impacted my entire school, indicated by our positively powerful school culture of success and supports for all! My training within the Mosaica Leadership Institute has uniquely empowered me as an administrator to aid in the elevation of teacher efficacy, student achievement, and parent satisfaction. To sum, Mosaica’s MLI is an outstanding opportunity for emerging and developing educational professionals with a passion for organizational excellence and personal growth.”


 “MLI was a great experience.  I was able to enhance my educational portfolio and understand more clearly the Mosaica way.  The individuals in the cohort were helpful and it felt like we were one big happy family.  I would recommend MLI for anyone who would like to become a better educator.  The experience that you get is more beneficial than any college or university.”