Mosaica Education Consulting

Case Studies

Mosaica Education is one of the most celebrated education management organizations. Schools managed by Mosaica Education and/or licensing the Paragon™ curriculum have received numerous awards over the years. Visit our Awards page to see the types of recognition Mosaica and Mosaica-managed schools have received for academic performance.

Mosaica students consistently demonstrate educational improvement. Based on 2012-2013 Scantron Performance Series Gain Analysis, on average Mosaica students made 1.33 years of growth in Math and 1.24 years of growth in Reading. Prior to enrolling at a Mosaica-managed school, baseline statistics revealed the average student made less than six months’ growth for every year they attended school. This ongoing improvement further reflects Mosaica’s proven ability to reach and educate children from all walks of life. While serving a broad range of student demographics, 75% of Mosaica students are economically disadvantaged and 75% are minority.

Learn more about the results of Mosaica-managed schools by reviewing our case studies: