Two schools will reopen as academies

Published on Monday 30 July 2012 17:00

HERON Park and Oakwood Primary Schools will reopen as academies – backed by an American company – when the pupils return in September.

The schools will be run by Mosaica Education UK and its parent company Mosaica Education which operates others in America, India, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The company, which is also known as Aurora, will not make a profit from the running of the schools.

Governors at Sidley Community Primary School near Bexhill are also being sponsored by the same company.

East Sussex County Council said it had been working closely with Mosaica and would continue to do so when the schools came back from the summer break in September.

Heron Park and Oakwood have been chosen after the Government identified a list of schools that could be turned into academies in a bid to help them improve.

An East Sussex County Council spokesperson said, “Mosaica Education has a long track record in the provision of early years and primary school education.

“It has a strong commitment to the highest quality teaching and learning in its schools and to working with parents and the local community to secure the best possible outcomes for its pupils.

“We remain in close contact with the governing bodies and staff of the schools concerned and look forward to working with them and Mosaica Education as it develops its plans for the schools.”

For Heron Park in Hampden Park this comes just a year after Highfield and Hampden Park Infants merged to create the bigger school.

Karen Bye, Heron Park head teacher, said, “This school is continually moving forward. We have had a very successful year, and we are looking forward to September where we can keep improving the school.”

The county council says Heron Park and Oakwood will remain as local community schools, will be state funded and maintain good relationships with parents.

The curriculum will still be delivered but the county council hopes in a ‘fresh and innovative’ way.