Academic Performance

Academic Performance “Beats the Odds” at Mosaica Schools in Michigan

MICHIGAN: Three charter schools managed by Mosaica Education, Inc. have been recognized as “Beating the Odds” by the Michigan Department of Education. They are among the public charter schools on the State’s list for achieving over 60% proficiency in Math and English Language Arts while having at least 60% of their students eligible for free or reduced price lunch. Dawn Linden, Director of Education, commented, “By making sound, data-based instructional decisions using curriculum aligned to Michigan standards, our teachers are able to create Personalized Student Achievement Plans for each child, thereby closing the achievement gap progressively each year.”

Bingham Arts Academy in Alpena, which made the list for the third consecutive year, was number two this year, by dint of having 88.6% its students achieve proficiency with 70.9% of its student body on the free or reduced lunch program.

Bay County Public School Academy in Bay City achieved 74% proficiency with 78% free or reduced lunch eligibility, and Richfield Public School Academy in Flint achieved 67% with 85% of students eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Michael J. Connelly, Mosaica’s Chief Executive Officer, congratulated the students, parents, teachers and school leaders at the three schools. He said, “This honor from the State of Michigan is testimony to the fact that hard work and high expectations will fulfill the goals of the charter school movement. Public school academies were established for this very goal – to provide an option for parents seeking the best academic opportunities for their children without regard to race, religion or financial status, and for educators seeking professional opportunities to do quality work at public schools of choice. All of Team Mosaica celebrates the accomplishments of Bingham Arts Academy, Bay County Public School Academy and Richfield Public School Academy.”

Mosaica is a leader in the operation of innovative charter schools and operates 76 school programs in seven states and the District of Columbia, and in the Middle East.
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