Integrated Technology

Mosaica provides students with unprecedented access to computers, to the Internet and to other technological tools that significantly enhance learning. Combining high tech learning tools with rigorous training in the essential skills and applying those skills in a solid, sequential humanities-based education enables Mosaica students to fill the urgent need in tomorrow’s workplace for analytical employees with a command of computer literacy and broadly informed problem-solving capacities.

Technological Advances

Technological advances accelerate at a rapidly changing pace, mandating a need in today’s workplace for literate, analytical employees with a command of computer literacy and broadly informed problem-solving capacities.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for the purpose of solving practical problems, extending human capacities, and improving the quality of life. The Mosaica Educational Model emphasizes the use of technological tools to facilitate and enrich learning across academic disciplines. Information technology is the most frequently used technological tool. Students use computers to communicate via the Internet, to express themselves creatively, to solve problems, to organize data, to conduct research, and to explore mathematical and scientific principles through simulations.

To master true computer literacy, students require hands-on access to computers in real time, rather than isolated visits to a computer lab. A Mosaica Charter School is equipped with a computer for every two to three children, as well as with a laptop for each teacher and administrator. The personal desktop computers are linked to the Internet, affording access to curriculum and resources available in cyberspace or on disk. Daily Paragon lesson plans direct students to specific Internet sites on a regular basis.

A Mosaica Charter School library is styled as a Multimedia and Resource Center, supplying a library of excellent books and CD-ROMs, as well as TV/VCRs, overhead and slide projectors for pedagogy. The Multimedia Center also features a Multimedia Arts and Sciences Studio for student radio and video portfolio productions.

Each classroom is equipped with a TV/VCR to support the Paragon Curriculum, which features film clips from classic and quality motion pictures to make history come alive for students. Overhead projectors in every classroom further facilitate student engagement with the captivating transparencies that support the Paragon Curriculum.