Grade Levels

Grade Levels

Across the United States, Mosaica schools provide outstanding college preparatory education for early childhood, elementary, middle and high school students.  Each of our programs is designed to be age appropriate, challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Early Childhood

Our early childhood programs provide a warm and nurturing environment for learning. Hands-on projects foster creativity, confidence and critical thinking.  Our students develop the school readiness they need to enter the elementary grades prepared to succeed.

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Elementary  School

Our award-winning elementary school programs take a powerful, personalized approach to learning – and provide our students with a firm foundation in the basics of math, science, social studies and English language arts.  We provide full-day kindergarten, Spanish as a second language, and a unique, integrated social studies curriculum rich with technology, music and art.

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Middle School

Our middle school students benefit from extraordinary support as they prepare for success in high school and beyond.  Through programs designed to help them to grow as learners and as responsible citizens, they gain both a rigorous education and an awakening appreciation of the diverse world around them.

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High School

Our high school students are engaged in a rigorous college-preparatory program designed to prepare them for success in the 21st century, whether they choose to pursue a college degree or enter the workforce.   A strong focus on the development of long-term relationships between teachers and students helps to ensure that each student receives the guidance and encouragement he/she needs to succeed.

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