Mosaica Leadership Institute

mliMosaica is committed to hiring, recognizing and promoting the best and brightest. We believe that star performers should be encouraged and mentored to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by the growth of the charter school movement.

MLI provides educational leaders with the tools they need to wield a dramatic impact on excellence in public education. Participants attend seminars in general management topics such as finance and accounting; hiring, retaining and mentoring of employees; understanding our “customer;” and Charter school law/development. During MLI’s interactive workshops, leaders gain the information, tools, strategies and resources they will need to lead and support their teachers in their efforts to create an effective classroom, implement the curriculum, and, thereby, help all students to meet or exceed state standards.

Individuals selected to participate in MLI are expected to make a significant commitment of time and energy to the Mosaica training workshops. MLI uses a combination of workshops, e-learning assignments and mentoring experiences. This enables the company to address extensive and rigorous content within the time restrictions that confine full-time professionals.

Topics Covered in MLI

  • Mosaica’s Vision
  • State of the Company
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Recruiting Best Practices
  • Team Building
  • Charter School Law
  • Marketing the School
  • Managing Enrollment
  • Conducting Evaluations
  • Curriculum
  • Classroom Observation
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance

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