Our Curriculum: Paragon

Mosaica Education’s Paragon© Curriculum combines the rigor of classical education with the relevance required by contemporary society. Students learn about character, ethics, empathy and self-esteem implicitly by studying the world’s great heroes, both canonical and unsung, and by stepping into the shoes of great historical figures, both real and imaginary. Paragon looks to the past to prepare students to become the architects of tomorrow.

Paragon Teaches Rich Content Through Hands-on Study

With a hands-on approach, Paragon addresses students’ multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. Through this engaging curriculum, students gain historical information, and come to understand the expansive potential open to them if they can identify with early clarity their individual strengths and sense of purpose.

Rather than teach history in bits and pieces in arbitrary sequence, Paragon’s fully integrated, chronological approach demonstrates to students how one idea builds on and evolves into another. The curriculum illustrates how sweeping cycles repeat and leads students to understand the evolutions of world cultures. In Paragon, students study history across continents, and gain a profound understanding of the manner in which many ideas develop at the same time in independent cultures unaware of the other’s breakthroughs. Through this, students develop a larger picture of history and the associated interrelationships. Rather than memorize names, dates, and events in isolation, students recall the sequential circumstances surrounding these events and remember more readily both factual information and conceptual relevance.

Paragon Curriculum is Practical Because it is Meaningful


Students learn connected networks of knowledge, skills, beliefs, and attitudes that they will find useful both in and outside of school. The significance and meaningfulness of the content is emphasized both in how it is presented to students, how it is developed through activities, and how it is authentically assessed. Step-by-step daily lesson plans are organized around essential questions- questions that have captivated thinkers for millennia and that will continue to fascinate students, thereby connecting them with the content more profoundly, more personally, and more purposefully.

Mosaica Leadership Institute

Paragon is a model of excellence in teaching and learning

The content-rich Paragon© Curriculum is interdisciplinary, engaging, discovery-based, student centered, and multi-cultural.

Paragon is unique because it:

  • Contributes to education reform
  • Balances cultural literacy with hands on learning
  • Fulfills state and national history, social studies, and geography standards

The Paragon Curriculum and How It Propels Powerful Student Learning

  • Research-based and classroom-tested with 15 years of success
  • Web-based, utilizing the strengths of interactive whiteboard technology
  • Provides Teacher Overviews and comprehensive support materials
  • Features video clips, music and art history links, and engaging graphics
  • Anchors deep student mastery of content with an immersive learning environment
  • Combines cultural literacy with hands-on learning
  • Builds community through Paragon Night
  • Connects across the curriculum
  • Aligned to standards
  • Cultivates emotional intelligence and a sense of purpose and passion
  • Inspires students to become the conscious architects of tomorrow, a future of their own design

Paragon_Across the Curriculum