Capital Area Academy Awarded Michigan “Green School” Designation

Lansing, MI (Mosaica Education, Inc.) – On May 3rd, Capital Area Academy (CAA) held its “Green School” designation ceremony. CAA achieved this designation by adopting environmental and ecological practices that help to protect Michigan’s air, land, water and animals.

CAA has made a commitment to protecting the environment; the school community has instituted a recycling program, created a garden to grow food for student use and has limited electricity use to conserve energy. Students at CAA are extremely proud and eager to make a difference.

“The recycling program helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint on Earth,” stated 8th grade student Andrufus Watkins.

Daniel P. Laabs, the Chief Administrative Officer at CAA has made “cleaning up and preserving the Earth” a special school mission.

“We are actively working to reduce, re-use, and recycle. This initiative is very important and is our way of doing our part to help to clean up our planet for current and future generations.”

About Capital Area Academy

Capital Area Academy is a K-8 charter school located in Lansing.  Capital Area Academy offers a college preparatory experience to all students at no cost.  The school is located at: 5525 S. Pennsylvania Lansing, MI 48911