Mosaica Education picked to help turn around low-performing Colorado schools

FT. COLLINS, CO (Mosaica Education) January 26, 2010 — The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has selected Mosaica Education as an educational services provider to assist with the school restructuring and turnaround efforts of Colorado’s lowest performing schools.

The CDE identified Mosaica Education to provide support in the areas of academics, learning environment, leadership and planning. Following an extensive application process, the CDE only selected nine service providers to provide assistance in each of these four categories. An additional ten providers were approved for more limited service support.

Mosaica provides comprehensive school services in more than 75 school programs in the United States and internationally and has extensive experience in restructuring and turning around failing schools.

School improvement is required for chronically low-performing schools in Colorado under both federal guidance and state law. Federal guidance for Title I School Improvement Grants requires recipients to implement one of four school intervention models: (1) turnaround model (2) restart model, (3) school closure, or (4) transformation model.

Michael J. Connelly, CEO of Mosaica Education said, “Mosaica is proud to have been selected as an educational services provider in this critical area of work. We understand the challenge presented by these schools and we are well-prepared and very much looking forward to working with our colleagues in Colorado to identify, implement, and monitor viable solutions.”

According to Connelly, “Mosaica brings a strong track record of improving student academic performance in the schools in which it works. It does so by planning carefully, implementing aggressively, and holding everyone involved accountable for results. Mosaica’s experience working with low-performing schools has taught us that every school community is different – and we tailor our approaches to meet each community’s specific needs. The only workable, long-term and sustainable solutions are solutions customized to the unique set of circumstances in each school,”

Mosaica’s work with schools is driven by research-based interventions that become imbedded in the daily life of the schools. “We use innovative, effective instructional methods to include all students. Our hands-on approach supports the development of strong instructional leaders at the school level and includes the involvement of the community in the growth and development of the school”, said Mr. Connelly.

The providers identified in the department’s initial list will focus primarily on school turnaround and transformation efforts, but also may assist with more intensive interventions.

“We strongly encourage schools to avail themselves of the providers and the research-based, proven methods they offer,” said Commissioner of Education Dwight D. Jones. “The department is committed to partnering with schools and districts in the development of comprehensive turnaround plans and to assist in the effort to improve student achievement for all. This is urgent work.”

Consistent with federal guidance, the CDE has identified Colorado schools for intensive intervention based on data on student growth, achievement and graduation rates.

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